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DIN Dry - Made of dry clay

  • In accordance with DIN 55 473 and MIL-D-3464E for industrial use
  • Made from dry clay
  • Several sizes available
  • Low-dust or dust-proof bag material available

  • DIN Dry 8 TME Typ A

    DIN Dry 8 TME Typ A
  • DIN Dry 32 TME Typ A

    DIN Dry 32 TME Typ A
  • DIN Dry 1 TME Typ B

    DIN Dry 1 TME Typ B
  • DIN Dry 16 TME Typ B

    DIN Dry 16 TME Typ B

Special features

DIN 55 473 and military standard MIL-D-3464E mainly specify the minimum adsorption capacity of the desiccant. Furthermore these standards regulate the materials, packing units, the testing methods and labelling of the product.

One Desiccant Unit (DU) according to DIN is the quantity of desiccant that adsorbs at least 6.0 g of water from the air at 23°C and 40% relative humidity.

We use the term DIN Dry for our DIN desiccants. Here you find DIN certified desiccant bags made by KINDRY or other certificate-holders. We work with international partners in the area of DIN desiccants and are thus able to deliver goods produced according to German standards with excellent quality at an affordable price.

Sizes of DIN desiccants are always measured in Desiccant Unit (DU) and not weight.
The maximum weight of one DU must not exceed 39g. The most common adsorption agent used is dry clay. Because of the strict DIN rules all desiccants according to DIN have almost identical quality and size.

Apart from these standard DIN desiccants we also offer other products with considerably higher adsorption capacities. Please note that high-capacity desiccants cannot be called DIN desiccants due to the guidelines.

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