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Master Dry - Made of Clay and Salt

  • For large-volume shipments of goods or storage
  • Very high absorption of moisture
  • Made of calcined clay and the salt calcium chloride
  • Master Dry 250g

    Master Dry 250g
  • Master Dry 1.000g

    Master Dry 1.000g
  • Master Dry 2.000g

    Master Dry 2.000g

Fields of application

Master Dry and Sea Dry are used in transports by sea, land and air as well as during storage. Coffee, tea, cocoa, powdered milk, machinery, metal, furniture and many other goods are protected against damage caused by moisture, such as corrosion, mould, softened cardboard and labels coming off. 

Master Dry and Sea Dry are a tried-and-trusted products for preventing two kinds of condensation: 

1. Cargo sweat
This is produced when cool or cold cargo is transported in warm zones. Water then condenses on the surface of the cargo. The same thing also happens when you, for example, take a bottle out of your fridge in summer.

2. Container sweat
This is what the moisture is called that condenses on the inner walls of cargo containers. This happens when transports go from warm zones (tropics) into cool regions. The colder air cannot absorb as much moisture, as a result of which the surplus water condenses on the inner walls of the cargo container and then drops from the ceiling.

Details about the quantity of desiccant to be used can be found under the menu item "Recommended quantities as per container standards".

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Special features

Master Dry is a desiccant made of a special mixture of calcined clay and the salt calcium chloride. This composition enables a greater degree of water adsorption than with other common desiccants. This has been confirmed by the BFSV Institute in Hamburg through a comparison of the power of Master Dry with a common desiccant in accordance with DIN.

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