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airdry CUP

Effect: Like a magnet, airdry CUP draws moisture from the ambient air. This minimises the risk of mildew, mould stains, rust and musty smells. Additionally, this CUP releases a pleasant fresh fragrance. airdry CUP is effective until the granules are completely liquefied. Moisture absorption depends on temperature and humidity. Within a period of 6-8 weeks, the amount of captured moisture reaches up to 300g. Volume can be checked by means of the vision panel.

To activate: Peel off aluminium cover and securely place where required. The granules immediately start absorbing moisture and clump before liquefying.

Information: Do not damage or remove absorption membrane. In case of accidental spillage of granules or liquid, immediately remove with lukewarm water to avoid stains. After use, airdry CUP may be disposed of with domestic waste.


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