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Special Article

Our solutions for special tasks


Keeps everything dry in cabinets and safes

  • Air dehumidifier for cabinets and safes against rust, mould and musty odours
  • Saves space and can be safely used in a protective casing with humidity indicator
  • Can be used for a long time by regenerating near the heater


Oil and chemical binding agents for leaks and accidents that are verified by the government

  • Reliable, quick and eco-friendly application
  • Multi-functional product for a favourable price

Multi Dry

Air dehumidifiers for various applications against rust, mould and mustiness

  • Air Balancing and drip-proof effect by natural storage granules
  • Reusability by regenerating in the oven or near the heater

The offer in the business web shop is only directed to the trade, public authorities and schools.