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Dimensioning Desi Dry and Din Dry using the rule of thumb

The following simplified calculation can be used to estimate how much desiccant is needed:

10 times the amount of water (in grammes) = required amount of desiccant (in grammes)

Please note: Because of their higher capacities Master Dry and SeaDry products require smaller amounts (Check diagram in the Master Dry / SeaDry section).

Metal machine parts without packaging materials (carton, wood) are to be kept dry in a one m³ wooden crate lined with barrier film over the course of 4 weeks.

This calculated example results in approximately 65g water. 


Die The machinery elements are made of metal Moisture in the merchandise approx 0 g
There are no moisture-retaining materials enclosed (cardboard, wood) Moisture of the materials enclosed approx 0 g
According to the Climate Chart, in a wooden crate 1 m³ in size, at 45° C there may be a max. of 65.44 g of water Moisture in the air approx 65,44 g
The permeability of the barrier-layer foil to moisture during a four-week period of transport or storage is negligible.
It is very low in comparison with the moisture in the air

Moisture through outer envelope approx 0 g

This example calculation yields moisture amounting to approx 65 g of water.

Result: 65 g water x 10 = 650 g desiccant

Longer transport and storage times increase the influence of humidity migrating through the barrier. An exact calculation according to DIN can be found under dimensioning according to DIN

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