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Tips on damage prevention

Basic instructions for using desiccants

  1. The goods need to have a barrier/film or box to prevent humidity from entering.
  2. Make sure that the barrier/foil or box has no holes that let humidity in. The thicker the film, the less humidity migrates through it. Multilayer barrier film is thicker than PE.
  3. Also cover the pallets with film to prevent moisture from coming through the bottom.
  4. Use as little moisture-retaining material (such as wood or cardboard) as possible inside the packaging.
  5. Do not use any moist wood or pallets.
  6. Distribute desiccant bags evenly in the upper part of the packaging. Humidity moves upward with warm air.
  7. Avoid any direct contact of the desiccant bags with goods that are sensitive to moisture, if possible. A slight transfer of moisture is possible if there is direct contact with the bags when they are saturated.

Additional instructions for cargo containers:

  1. Check the containers for:

    • cracks,
    • unsealed doors, and
    • other damage

  2. Distribute desiccant bags evenly in the upper part of the container and also near the doors.

Additional instructions for storage:

  1. Use a dry storage location, if possible.
  2. By adding an indicator the moisture content can be checked quickly.

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