airdry BIKE-dehumidifier - high protection for two-wheelers

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  • highly effective protection for your two-wheeler: moisture absorption and simultaneous corrosion protection
  • Moisture absorption: approx. 800ml
  • approx. 6 months effectiveness
  • regeneration on the heater for renewed moisture absorption
    (VCI emitter cannot be regenerated)
  • dimensions of the bag: 82 x 16 x 4cm
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Would you like to store your bike over the winter months and protect it from rust due to moisture for a longer period of time? The airdry BIKE dehumidifier is just right for this and offers unique protection through its mode of action:

  • On the one hand, the airdry BIKE dehumidifier provides your bike with a highly effective rust protection underneath a closed cover / pelerine. The non-toxic VCI active ingredient (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) contained in the center pocket of the airdry BIKE builds up a protective atmosphere in a few hours, which effectively prevents the formation of rust on metallic materials.
  • The VCI molecules (volatile corrosion inhibitors) also settle in places that are difficult to access and form an invisible protective layer. With just a few opening operations of the cover / pelerine and placing your bike in a place protected from wind and sun, the duration of action is approx. 6 months. The lower the air exchange under the cover (protective cover), the longer the airdry BIKE dehumidifier will last.
  • After unpacking the two-wheeler, the active ingredient evaporates from all vehicle parts without residue. A tedious and time-consuming cleaning of the motorcycle, as when using conventional anti-corrosion sprays, is not necessary.
  • On the other hand, the airdry BIKE dehumidifier draws the moisture from the air like a magnet. The dehumidifier cushion reacts by constantly pulling excess condensed water out of the air below the tarpaulin / pelerine. Up to 1000 g of water are absorbed evenly and, in addition to metals, leather, textiles and electronics are protected throughout the winter months.

Der airdry BIKE- protects from:

pictogram corrosion

Rust formation is minimised.

pictogram damage to electrics

Damage to electrics:
Protects against possible damage to electrics from condensation.

pictogram mould stains

Mould stains:
Mould stains on upholstery and dashboard are prevented.

These are your advantages

pictogram double shield protection

Double shield protection:
Rust and moisture build-up are prevented by the unique double shield protection of VCI emitter and dehumidifier.

pictogram double shield protection

Moisture absorption:
This dehumidifier can absorb up to 80 % of its own granular weight from the ambient air.

pictogram effective duration

Effective duration:
Works for at least 6 months thanks to its high absorption capacity.

pictogram reusability

Regenerate by drying over a radiator.

pictogram drip-proof

Absorbed moisture will not leak out.

pictogram environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly:
The airdry dry granulate is made from natural materials, such as clay granules, salt and starch.

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