airdry BIKE-dehumidifier - high protection for two-wheelers

  • Double shield protection of VCI emitter and dehumidifier
  • Can be dried and used again
  • Weight: about 600 g/bag
  • Moisture absorption: about 1000 ml
  • Dimensions: about 82x16x4 cm
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You want to store your bike over the winter and protect it over the long term against rust caused by humidity? Then what you need is airdry BIKE as it provides unique protection thanks to its dual mode of action:

  1. First, airdry BIKE provides your two-wheeler with highly effective rust protection beneath a closed tarpaulin/cover. In just a few hours, the non-toxic VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) inside the middle pouch of the airdry BIKE creates a protective atmosphere, effectively preventing rust from forming on metallic materials.

    The VCI molecules form an invisible protective layer, even on hard to reach areas. Place your bike out of the wind and sun with as few openings in the tarpaulin/cover as possible and the effect should last for approximately 6 months. The lower the air exchange beneath the tarpaulin (protection cover), the longer the effects of airdry BIKE last. Once your bike is uncovered, the active ingredient evaporates from the vehicle's parts without leaving any residue. No need for the laborious and time-consuming motorbike cleaning usually required after using a conventional corrosion protection spray.

  2. Secondly, the airdry BIKE attracts moisture from the air like a magnet. The airdry BIKE reacts by constantly drawing surplus condensation water from the air beneath the tarpaulin/cover. Up to 1000 g of water are evenly absorbed, not only protecting metal parts but also leather, fabric and electronics all winter long.

Der airdry BIKE- protects from:

pictogram corrosion

Rust formation is minimised.

pictogram damage to electrics

Damage to electrics:
Protects against possible damage to electrics from condensation.

pictogram mould stains

Mould stains:
Mould stains on upholstery and dashboard are prevented.

These are your advantages

pictogram double shield protection

Double shield protection:
Rust and moisture build-up are prevented by the unique double shield protection of VCI emitter and dehumidifier.

pictogram double shield protection

Moisture absorption:
This dehumidifier can absorb up to 80 % of its own granular weight from the ambient air.

pictogram effective duration

Effective duration:
Works for at least 6 months thanks to its high absorption capacity.

pictogram reusability

Regenerate by drying over a radiator.

pictogram drip-proof

Absorbed moisture will not leak out.

pictogram environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly:
The airdry dry granulate is made from natural materials, such as clay granules, salt and starch.

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