Desi Dry ( Type A ) silica gel packets

  • Low-dust bag material (Type A)
  • The classic desiccant for small product packaging
  • Made of narrow-pore silica gel
  • Convenient small packing units
  • Packed safely in double-PE-bags with humidity indicator
  • Customisation according to customer specification possible
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Desi Dry Silica Gel pouches (Type A)
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Characteristics of Desi Dry Type A (low-dust) silica gel packets

The envelope of Desi Dry A silica gel packets consists of a low-dust material. It is described as low-dust, as the abrasion between the small beads produces very few dust particles that can pass through the outer material. According to DIN 55473, low-dust means that no more than 10 mg of dust per desiccant unit may pass through the envelope. Here, a desiccant unit (DU) describes the quantity of desiccant needed to absorb at last 6.0 g of water vapour at 23 °C (± 2 °C) air temperature and 40 % relative humidity.

Pouch sizes

Desi Dry Type A silica gel packets can be ordered in multiple desiccant units / pouch sizes:

0,5 g, 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 10 g, 30 g, 60 g, 100 g, 250 g

Available Variants

Desi Dry silica gel packets Type B (dust-proof)

Desi Dry Orange silica gel packets (with indicator)

Uncertain how much desiccant you need? Simply consult our desiccant calculator.

We would gladly accommodate your wishes and needs for a custom version of Desi Dry.

More Information
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Dimensions in mm 29 x 20 x 3
Amount per box 5000
Individual wrapping in protective sheet 1000
Price per unit 0,0099 €
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