DIN Dry Desiccants (Type A)

  • Low-dust bag material (Type A)
  • In accordance with DIN 55 473 and MIL-D-3464E for industrial use
  • Made from dry clay
  • Several sizes available
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DIN Dry Trockenmittelbeutel (Typ A)
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The products in our DIN Dry desiccant line according to DIN 55473 protect sensitive products against mould infestation, corrosion and other forms of moisture damage that may occur during prolonged storage and transport. DIN Dry desiccant pouches are particularly suited for the protection of electronic devices, chemical products and pharmaceuticals.
Moreover, the DIN desiccant pouches satisfy the requirements of DIN 55473 and the technical criteria of the military standard MIL-D-3464E. Based on these strict DIN standards, DIN Dry has the advantage that the quality and size of the desiccants are almost identical, irrespective of the manufacturer.

How does DIN Dry desiccant work?

DIN Dry desiccant pouches contain dry clay with properties that enable the rapid and sustained absorption and storage of atmospheric water vapour. Desiccant units (DU) are the unit of measurement for desiccant pouches according to DIN 55473. A desiccant unit describes the quantity of desiccant needed to absorb at last 6.0 g of water vapour at 23 °C (± 2 °C) air temperature and 40 % relative humidity. The dry clay is a natural product, so its composition and weight may vary, depending on the quality of the clay itself.

How is DIN Dry used?

The DIN desiccant is easy and convenient to use. The desiccant pouches are simply placed in the product boxes or distributed evenly – preferably on top of – the vulnerable space in order to achieve optimum results. Here, it is important to take care that a barrier envelope is fitted to isolate the packed products and the desiccant from the outside atmosphere.

Variant DIN Dry Type A

DIN Dry desiccant is available in two varieties. Firstly, the envelope can be made of a low-dust, water vapour-permeable non-woven material (Type A) or secondly of a dust-proof, water vapour-permeable and highly tear-resistant non-woven material (Type B), e.g. Tyvek®. The second version is particularly advisable if the desiccant pouch is exposed to significant stress.
Low-dust and dust-free envelopes differ in regard to the density of the material and the volume of dust that they each allow to pass.

DIN Dry Type A – low-dust
Type A is a tear-resistant non-woven material, which in accordance with DIN 55473 must not allow more than 10 mg to pass through the envelope per desiccant unit. It is available in a variety of sizes:

   • Pouch sizes: 4 DU, 8 DU, 16 DU und 32 DU

Variant DIN Dry Type B

DIN Dry Type B – dust-proof
DIN Dry Type B has a special envelope that is classified dust-proof. It is made of a highly tear-resistant non-woven. To meet the criteria of DIN 55473, a dust-proof envelope must allow no more than 1 mg of dust to escape, irrespective of the number of desiccant units. DIN Dry Type B is available in nine sizes:

   • Pouch sizes: 1/6 DU, 1/3 DU, 1/2 DU, 1 DU, 2 DU, 4 DU, 8 DU, 16 DU und 32 DU

Do you not know how much desiccant is needed to protect your products? For a precise calculation of your individual desiccant requirements, use our desiccant calculator.

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