airdry DESIGN BOX CARAVAN, Dehumidifier for big rooms

  • Protects from damp and mould
  • Creates a healthy room climate
  • Trendy design for your interior
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First choice for an ideal room climate

High humidity levels in closed rooms can be detrimental to humans as well as objects and furnishings. Excess moisture condensates on surfaces and is a hotbed for growth of fungi and mildew. The airdry DESIGN BOX not only draws moisture from the air but is also decorative and environmentally friendly*.

The active granules (E 509) are produced according to food standards and are also used in foodstuffs.

The benefits:

pictogram high performance

Extremely effective and decorative at the same time

pictogram environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly:
Up to 80% less plastic*

pictogram reusability

One free refill included, additional refills available in retail

*By utilizing cardboard and an innovative folding box design (patent pending), airdry DESIGN BOX uses up to 80% less plastic than conventional moisture absorbers.

Protects from:

pictogram foggy windows

Misted windows

pictogram mildew


pictogram damage to electrics

Damage to electrics

pictogram corrosion


pictogram mould stains


pictogram musty smells

Musty smells

3-phase mode of action:

pictogram step 1

The bag in the box draws excess moisture from the ambient air. At first, the granules clog and form a solid lump

pictogram step 2

Once the granules have absorbed sufficient moisture, they gradually dissolve and drip as a liquid into the catch tray. Depending on ambient temperature and humidity, the granules can absorb moisture for several months and eventually dissolve completely.

pictogram step 3

The collected liquid can then be disposed of in the sink and the empty granule bags may be discarded with domestic waste. The airdry DESIGN BOX can be used again by re-activating it with an airdry refill bag.

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