Silica Gel 60 fine

  • For the column chromatography
  • Granulation: 0,063-0,200 mm (fine)
  • 70-230 or 230-400 mesh
  • Pore diameter: 60 A
  • CAS-Nr.: 7631-86-9
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Kieselgel 60 fine
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Silica Gel 60

The chemical properties of Silica Gel 60 makes it particularly suitable for column chromatography. The fine white powder made of silicon dioxide has the perfect structure to filter and separate substances, as it is highly hygroscopic. The following applies: The finer the Silica Gel 60, the greater its water adsorption capacity, even at low relative humidities.

Silica Gel 60 is available in two granule sizes, namely fine and extra fine. The fine particles in these different granule sizes ensure more precise filtering.

Silica Gel 60 is used very frequently in analytical chemistry.


Silica Gel 60 fine
Grain size: 0.063-0.200 mm

Silica Gel 60 extra fine
Grain size: 0.04-0.063 mm

Both products are available in the sizes 0.5 kg (bottle), 2.5 kg (can) and 20 kg (sack).

Silicagel 60 fine available packaging units

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