Desiccant Application Pharma

Desiccant Application Pharma
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Certified manufacturing of customized desiccant pouches

When it comes to the production of customized desiccant pouches to be applied in secondary packaging or in laboratories, renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers trust in ThoMar's expertise, which is based on 20 years of experience in this field. We not only see ourselves as a service provider and supplier, but as a partner of the pharmaceutical industry. Naturally, we comply with the high quality standards of this industry and guarantee an end-to-end traceability of the supply chain. Our company has been certified to ISO 9001 for the development, production, and distribution of desiccant pouches since the year 2012. The chemical commodities used in the production of our desiccants are certified to REACH.

Application of desiccants in shipping of drugs

ThoMar OHG supplies one of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers with 1 gram desiccant pouches, which together with the blister pack are mechanically enclosed with the tablet carton box. During the stages of developping the customized product, the client and our consultants defined a variety of qualitative and quantitative specifications, for example:

  • Grain size of the silica gel
  • Material of the pouch
  • Size of the pouch
  • Profile height
  • Moisture content
  • Absorption capacity
  • Form of the processing unit
  • Punch holes
  • Adhesive spots

This approach guarantees that the product can be processed unobstructedly in the existing processing lines of our customer.

Tablet carton box with desiccant bag

The desiccant bag is enclosed with the tablet carton box.

Application of desiccants in laboratories

Another healthcare corporation active on an international level uses desiccant bags by ThoMar with the instrument-based analysis of samples in the area of molecular diagnostics.

The desiccant bags made from dust-proof Tyvek with a seam on the back are filled with silica gel. Then 500 of the bags are wound on a spool in a continuous loop. Each desiccant bag contains at least 5 grams of silica gel with the predefined granulation. Also the dimensions, the external and internal diameter as well as the width of the spool are made to measure. Thus, our product fits in smoothly with the automated further processing at our customers production plant.

Workers in a laboratory

Workers in a laboratory

The benefit for every ThoMar customer

ThoMar offers clients with special demands concerning the product itself, the production site and process, support and quality, customized solutions for their individual use of desiccants. Except for the application in primary packaging, we develop optimal desiccant solutions for the pharma and food industry:

  • Individual design of bags made from material permeable to water vapour (non-woven fabric, paper, composite material, ...)
  • Custom-made production of intermixtures of desiccants by our lab team
  • Imprint and labelling of products and outer packaging

Why don't you challenge us with your high requirements? We look forward to your call!

Tubular bag machine

The tubular bag machine is used to manufacture
custom-made desiccant pouches.

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