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Front view of the company buildings
ThoMar OHG is specialised in the production and trade of all manner of desiccants. With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, ThoMar primarily supplies directly to industry and the wholesale trade throughout Europe. In protecting against moisture and corrosion, ThoMar offers customised solutions to meet the needs of individuals.

Whether large or small businesses, new or existing customers: our company’s top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. ThoMar excels through speed, flexibility and ultimately through its superb product quality – Made in Germany. Quick decisions, optimal processes, both in development and manufacture as well as in the organisation itself, are a matter of course. As a result, ThoMar OHG has been awarded ISO certification according to DIN 9001 for development, manufacturing, and distribution of desiccant bags and dehumidifers since 2012.

Picture of the three CEO members

CEO: Thomas Möller, Daniel Schuback, Martin Möller


We have deep roots in our local community. All our efforts are aimed at creating and maintaining a company that will continue to be an integral part of the region for many generations to come. This applies both to our employees as well as our environment. Conscious use of natural resources and responsible use of raw materials and waste products are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We use the power of the sun for our production, waste heat for heating and are careful to make resource-conserving use of packaging materials. ThoMar supports various social projects, regularly involving the Vorwerker Diakonie in manufacturing processes, for example.

Our experience is your insurance!

ThoMar was established in 1999 by two brothers – Thomas and Martin Möller. The first syllables of their names make up the company name. The brothers were born in Lütau in Germany and the production unit is also located on their own land and property. Involved in desiccants since 1993, Thomas Möller set-up the first production in Lütau as early as 1995. In 1999, he decided to establish the ThoMar OHG together with his brother. ThoMar has grown steadily since then and has made a name for itself within the industry. Today, the entire ThoMar team consists of more than 20 highly motivated members of staff with tremendous expertise covering many different areas.

Product diversity

The first products were the Master Dry and Multi Dry air dehumidifiers in different versions. The bags were filled and sewn by hand until 2007 when state-of-the-art machinery took over the production of old and newly-developed products. The growing product range (more than 100 products) was divided into three product groups in 2011:
  • Business products: standardised industrial dehumidifiers,
  • Business solutions: individual desiccant products, e.g. for the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Consumer products: dehumidifiers for private applications.

Solutions for you

The amount of desiccant required depends on a variety of factors such as transport duration, climate conditions, air volume in the container, packaging aids used and, of course, the transport goods themselves. Many years of experience make us a competent and solution-oriented partner in this field. Give us a call, we are happy to help!
Picture of people in the shop floor

Open-door day, August 2014. Part of the production hall.

Picture of a flow bag machine

Section of a tubular bag machine with attached
reel winder for desiccant, individual manufacture.

Picture of silica gel pouches

Selection silica gel bags, dated 2014.

The ThoMar promise

What we stand for:
  • Customer-oriented solutions
  • Highest standards of quality
  • Expert know-how for more than 20 years
  • Competent and friendly advice
  • Fast deliveries at any time!

The ThoMar effort, corporate values and goals are written in the ThoMar Corporate philosophy. It describes the aspired corporate culture and is lived by each individual employee.

Picture of the high rack warehouse

High-bay warehouse, built 2013.


ThoMar has its company and production headquarters in Lütau, Germany. The district is located in the greater Hamburg area in the charming Duchy of Lauenburg and was traversed by a trade route of historical importance: salt trade flourished here in the 13th century. Salt was transported from Lüneburg to the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and transferred to ships at Lübeck harbour. Many of ThoMar’s desiccant products contain calcium chloride.
Top view of the ThoMar company buildings

Office buildings and production halls, 2019.

We supply every industry and company size.

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