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Highly effective dehumidifiers and more for private use

Whether dehumidifier pads for cars and motorbikes, windscreen dehumidifiers in various modern designs for every taste or our oil binder, which should not be missing in any garage - in addition to container desiccants and silica gel bags for industrial use, another focus of our range is on high-quality products for private users. For more than 20 years, we have been developing and producing for this diverse market and distributing the articles through wholesale partners. Individual production specifications are possible if appropriate quantities are purchased.

Consumers who do not want to settle for cheaply made and expensively sold Asian imports are not only opting for higher performance by buying our items specially made for private use. The products also give a safe feeling, as they are manufactured in Germany and continuously inspected. This avoids unnecessarily long delivery routes and the user receives items of consistently high quality. We at ThoMar are proud to have the quality of our products under control at all times at our company headquarters near Hamburg. For us, this also includes taking environmental aspects into account and securing jobs in the country. The high production quality of airdry, Multi Dry and Co. is checked at regular intervals by recertification according to ISO 9001.

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  1. airdry FUN window defogger
    • Absorbs up to 200% of its own weight in moisture
    • Absorbed moisture turns into a gel and is never liquid
    • Effective for several months depending on the ambient climate
    • In 18 colourful, individual motifs
    • Practical and decorative
    • Protects against misted-up windows, mould, rust, mildew stains and bad odours
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  2. airdry car dehumidifier

    • Dehumidifier cushion protects against fogged car windows
    • Strong performance, very high moisture absorption (up to 800g)
    • Reduces the risk of mold, rust and mold stains in the vehicle
    • Drip-proof, the moisture is stored safely
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  3. airdry SAFE DRY

    • Keeps everything dry in cabinets and safes
    • Moisture absorption: about 150 ml
    • In a protective casing with humidity indicator
    • Regeneration on a heater
    • Dimensions: about 21 x 14 x 4.5 cm
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  4. Multi Dry desiccant sack

    • Universally applicable desiccant sack for private users
    • Moisture absorption: about 600ml
    • Made from natural storage granules
    • Dimensions: about 35 x 16 x 9cm
    • Drying: about 4-5 hours at 175 °C in the oven, or over several days on the heater
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  5. Absorbin-V

    • Oil-binding agent
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Fluid absorption capacity: about 0.9 litres of oil and chemicals
    • Natural granules
    • MPA approval
    • Emergency pack
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