SAFE DRY, keeps cabinets and safes dry

  • Moisture absorption: about 180 ml
  • Dimensions: about 21x14x4.5 cm
  • In a protective casing with indicator
  • Regeneration on a heater

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Safe Dry is a dehumidifier made of natural granules for safes and cabinets for protection against rust, fungus and musty odours. It saves space and can be safely used in a protective casing with humidity indicator. The humidity indicator provides information as to whether Safe Dry is regenerating or whether it should be replaced and thus provides increased safety.




Depending on the usage, the active granules absorb moisture for about 2-4 months. Safe Dry can be regenerated by drying on a heater. A long and eco-friendly effective period can be ensured by regeneration.

Safe Dry requires less space and can be ideally placed having dimensions of 21 x 14 x 4.5 cm. It is drip-proof because the granules store the moisture inside the bag.