Bulk Silica Gel

What types of silica gel are available?

At ThoMar you can order the following silica gel variants:

  • Silica Gel classic (sales units 10 x 1kg, 3 x 5kg and 1 x 25kg)
  • Silica Gel Orange (sales units 10 x 1 kg, 3 x 5 kg and 1 x 25 kg)
  • Silica Gel 60 extra-fine (sales unit 1 x 20kg)

All bulk silica gel variants of ThoMar are filled into airtight packaging, tins or bags, and sold and shipped this way.

Where and how to use bulk silica gel

To protect against damage due to moisture and wetness, such as corrosion and mould, silica gel is applicable in variuos ways in the processing, storage and transport of products. It is ideally suited for static drying of air and gases, and mainly gets used in industrial drying plants, laboratory equipment, compressed air drying and in pressure equalization tanks. Silica gel consists of hard, glassy beads of silicon dioxide. Their large inner surface can absorb a large amount of water. The silica gel adsorbs water molecules. The water does not change its structure, remains in its form and can be released again during regeneration.

The handling is simple and flexible. The desired amount of loose silica gel is placed in the closed area to be dried. It can be distributed either loose or in additional containers. Due to its nature, silica gel is regenerable, which makes its use sustainable. Regeneration is carried out by heating in an oven at 100-150 °C.

Special feature of silica gel orange

The orange beads turn green when the water content rises above approx. 6 %. As the desiccant saturation increases, the green colour becomes more intense up to complete saturation. A bluish-green shade indicates complete saturation. Weighing to check saturation level is therefore unnecessary.

Characteristics of silica gel 60

Silica gel 60 is used frequently in analytical chemistry. Its chemical properties make it particularly suitable for column chromatography. The fine white powder made of silicon dioxide has the perfect structure to filter and separate substances, as it is highly hygroscopic. The fine grain size of silica gel 60 results in a smaller filtration. The finer the Silica Gel 60, the more moisture adsorption is possible even at lower relative humidities.

Silica Gel close-up

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  1. Silica Gel classic

    • Bulk silica gel for numerous applications, e.g. in industrial drying systems and pressure equalization tanks
    • Packing sizes: 10 x 1kg, 3 x 5kg, 1 x 25kg
    • Base price: from 5.90 € / kg
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    €79.10 Excl. Tax 
    Incl. Tax 
    Kg per carton: 10Price per kg: 7.9100 €
  2. Silica Gel Orange

    • Bulk silica gel orange
    • With optical humidity indicator: colour turns from orange to green when humidity increases
    • For numerous applications, e.g. in industrial drying systems
    • Packing sizes: 10 x 1kg, 3 x 5kg, 1 x 25kg
    • Base price: from 7.40 € / kg
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    €104.40 Excl. Tax 
    Incl. Tax 
    Kg per carton: 10Price per kg: 10.4400 €
  3. Silica Gel 60

    • Silica gel for column chromatography
    • Extra-fine: granulation 0,040-0,063mm, 400-230 mesh ASTM
    • Medium pore diameter: 60 A / 6 nm
    • CAS-Nr.: 7631-86-9
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    €436.80 Excl. Tax 
    Incl. Tax 
    Kg per carton: 20Price per kg: 21.8400 €

3 Items

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