Bulk Silica Gel Orange

  • For numerous applications, e.g. in industrial drying systems
  • With practical humidity indicator
  • Packing size: 10 x 1 kg (not in stock), 3 x 5 kg (not in stock), 1 x 25 kg
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Bulk Silica Gel Orange
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Bulk Silica Gel Orange

Bulk silica gel orange is a versatile method of protecting your products against damage from moisture and damp during transport and storage. It is used above all in industrial drying plants, in laboratories, in compressed air drying and in pressure compensation containers.

It is an outstanding substance for the drying of air and gases.

How does bulk silica gel orange work?

Bulk silica gel orange consists of hard, vitreous pearls made of silicon dioxide. Its large inner surface has an extremely high water adsorption capacity. The silica gel adsorbs water molecules. The structure of the water does not change; it retains its form and can be emitted during regeneration.

How is bulk silica gel orange used?

Handling is extremely easy and flexible. The required quantity of silica gel is simply distributed in the closed area that requires drying. It can be spread loosely or placed in additional containers.

What is special about bulk silica gel orange?

Besides the same properties as white silica gel, silica gel orange has one particular feature: It comes with a practical indicator that changes colour from orange to green above a saturation of approx. 6 %. The greater the water adsorption, the more intense the colouration. A greenish-blue colouration of the silica gel shows that the desiccant has reached maximum saturation. This indicator is a convenient and useful assistance.

Bulk silica gel orange is filled into air-proof packaging as pouches or sacks. Same as silica gel white, Silica gel orange has the capacity to regenerate, which makes it very environmentally compatible. It is regenerated by heating in an oven at 100-150 °C. The indicator is restored to its original colour.

Bulk silica gel orange is available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg units.


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