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Shipping container desiccant bags

Container desiccant SeaDry product variant
Silica gel packets
low-dust / dust-proof

Desi Dry silica gel packets product variant
DIN 55473
desiccant packs

CertiDry DIN 55473 desiccant product variant
Silica gel
as bulk material

Bulk silica gel product variant
Desiccant bags
for warehousing

Master Dry desiccant bag product variant

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  1. SeaDry Pole V

    • Desiccant chain in protective casing for sensitive cargo
    • Stable hook for hanging from the lashing lugs
    • Trapezoidal shape allows vertical placement in container corrugations
    • Adhesive pad on the backside for additional fixation
    • Moisture absorption more than 2.4 litres
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    As low as
    €137.50 Excl. Tax 
    €159.50 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 11
    Price per unit: 12.50 €
  2. SeaDry Hook

    • Desiccant chain with stable hook for space-saving suspension in the container corrugations
    • Additional fixing to the container wall with adhesive pads on the back
    • Two sizes available (moisture absorption more than 1.2 / 2.4 litres)
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    As low as
    €115.00 Excl. Tax 
    €133.40 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 10
    Price per unit: 11.50 €
  3. SeaDry Pole H

    • Sturdy hook enables horizontal placement right below the container ceiling where the risk of condensation is highest
    • Trouble-free loading and unloading by mounting above the cargo
    • Desiccant chain contained in protective casing for sensitive goods
    • Moisture absorption more than 2.4 litres
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    €140.00 Excl. Tax 
    €162.40 Incl. Tax 
    As low as
    €129.92 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 10
    Price per unit: 14.00 €
  4. SeaDry Blanket 1500g

    • Desiccant blanket can be put directly onto packaged goods
    • Adhesive pads on the bottom side prevent sliding
    • For usage within tightly packed containers
    • Moisture absorption more than 3.0 litres
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    €108.00 Excl. Tax 
    €125.28 Incl. Tax 
    As low as
    €100.22 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 8
    Price per unit: 13.50 €
  5. SeaDry Single

    • Optimal distribution due to compact size; fits practically anywhere
    • Adhesive tape optional
    • Moisture absorption more than 0.25 litres
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    As low as
    €150.00 Excl. Tax 
    €174.00 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 100
    Price per unit: 1.50 €

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Where to buy desiccant and desiccant bags? Directly from the manufacturer!

Whether inside freight containers, with goods packed in cardboard boxes or export crates, or piece and bulk goods - correctly used, desiccants effectively prevent condensation during transport and storage. If left unprotected, condensation can otherwise form on the goods themselves, on packaging and packing aids, as well as on the walls or ceiling of freight containers or storage rooms. This may result in serious moisture damage. In order to minimize the risk of mould, corrosion, detached labels or changes in smell and taste, ThoMar OHG recommends the use of suitable desiccant bags.

ThoMar OHG is specialized in the development and production of, as well as the trade with, desiccants and desiccant bags of all kinds. We offer you high quality and powerful desiccants at attractive conditions. With over 20 years in this field, we see ourselves as desiccant specialists. International customers from industry and wholesale trade can choose from a wide range of desiccant bags from standard production. They also benefit from our many years of consulting expertise. In addition, ThoMar offers tailor-made desiccant bags, suitable for the individual application of the respective customer.

The desiccants used consist mainly of natural ingredients such as salt, starch and clay granules. We also pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials in the packaging. You can rely on highest quality Made in Germany, because ThoMar OHG is certified according to ISO 9001 for development, production and distribution of desiccant bags and dehumidifiers since 2012. Test us and let us convince you of our expertise, speed and flexibility. We are here for you!


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