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  • Desiccant for large-volume shipment or storage of goods
  • Three bag sizes available (250g, 1 kg, 2kg)
  • Prevents condensation and thus protects from moisture damage such as mould, corrosion and sodden cardboard packaging
  • High moisture absorption capacity, up to 60% of its own weight
  • Contains calcined clay and calcium chloride (salt)
  • High quality - made in Germany
Pieces per carton
Price per piece
€62.40 Excl. Tax 
€74.26 Incl. Tax 
More Information
meta_description Meta Description ✔ Desiccant bags for large rooms ✔ Water absorption up to 60% of own weight ✔ For large volume shipment and storage ✔ Easy to use ✔ High quality made in Germany


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