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  • Universally applicable desiccant sack for private users
  • Moisture absorption: about 600ml
  • Made from natural storage granules
  • Dimensions: about 35 x 16 x 9cm
  • Drying: about 4-5 hours at 175 °C in the oven, or over several days on the heater

Multi Dry has been specially developed for home and spare time applications. Multi Dry can be reused many times by regenerating it in the oven or near the heater. The natural storage granules absorb up to 600 ml of moisture, have a compensating effect on the air and is drip-proof.

multi dry example of use in washroom multi dry example of use on windowsill

There are often problems with the insulation in old and new buildings. The insulation in the buildings is either too good or not good enough. If it is too good, the humidity cannot escape and if it is not good enough, the cold air that penetrates the building causes water condensation. Water condensation also takes place when the temperature fluctuates inside the building, e.g. caused by the insulation. Multi Dry prevents this by reducing the relative humidity.

Depending on the weather, shoes can be moist on the outside but also on the inside, if they are kept in the shoe cabinet. The same holds good for clothes, which often have residual moisture content if they are hung up or kept in the wardrobe. The consequence is the loss of fresh fragrance that one expects from washed clothes. Instead, the clothes have an unpleasant musty odour.

multi dry example of use in cabinet multi dry example of use with motorbike multi dry example of use in car

Multi Dry is especially effective in closed systems like cabinets. The moisture can be quickly absorbed in confined areas. In addition to wardrobes and shoe cabinets, Multi Dry ensures dryness also in weapon cabinets. Effective protection against humidity is a part of "winter-proof mothballing". Not only motorcycles but also bicycles, garden furniture, tools and electrical equipment should be protected.

multi dry example of use in caravan multi dry example of use on boat multi dry example of use garden shed

If the surrounding is moist, it is advisable to pack the objects along with Multi Dry. Multi Dry is ideally suited for mothballing all kinds of objects.The exteriors of boats and yachts are very well protected against humidity but the interiors are almost never protected. However, there are valuable objects inside that should be protected. Furnishings, metals and primarily the electronics are very sensitive to humidity and exhibit corrosion, fungal growth, mould stains and musty odours.

Storage, especially during winter, under moist weather conditions results in damage. Multi Dry is ideally suited for protecting trailers and campers from humidity. Otherwise, problems occur during storage in winter. In addition to fungus, rust and mould stains, musty odour can also be prevented in the interiors. Thus, you can ensure a fresh start of the next camping season. Unlike conventional salt-dripping systems, there is no risk of the salt water solution spilling and damaging the carpet or the furnishings. Multi Dry is safe to use and advisable when children and pets are around.

multi dry example of use storeroom multi dry example of use tack room

Water condensation takes place in weekend and summer houses due to irregular heating and ventilation. The high level of moisture not only condenses on the walls but also on valuable objects. The first indication of this is the typical musty odour. By using Multi Dry, the moisture in the air is absorbed and hence it cannot condense. Thus valuable objects (electrical equipment) can be effectively protected. After all, these appliances were also packed with a desiccant at the time of purchase.

Store rooms and cellars are often converted into hobby rooms. These rooms are heated, if at all, only if required. This irregular or lacking of heating results in temperature differences. This leads to condensation of water which in turn causes damages due to moisture. It does not matter whether model railroads, doll houses or simple toys are used or just stored. Multi Dry is the right solution to prevent damages in any case. Games, fun and hobby are ultimately part of everyday life in the long run.

Multi Dry can also be used in equitation. The moisture that a saddle absorbs during a ride cannot always dry before the next ride. The reasons for this may be a high amount of moisture in the tack room or the drying intervals are too short. Sometimes, small saddle cabinets are used where the ventilation is inadequate. Multi Dry absorbs moisture from the surrounding air and reduces the humidity. The saddle can now dry quicker because its moisture is better absorbed by the air.

Washrooms, where clothes are also dried, are places with extremely high humidity. With a constant supply of wet clothes, the air in the washroom is almost saturated. The water that is absorbed from the air by Multi Dry, is immediately "re-filled" by the new wet clothes. Hence use Multi Dry only if the moist conditions are for a brief period.

Multi Dry can absorb "humidity peaks" in dry rooms where wet clothes cause high levels of humidity for a short duration. In this case, Multi Dry should be placed directly in front of the problem area (e.g. moist wall).

Goods that are sensitive to humidity are stored in larders and cellars. Dry storage is especially necessary in case of foodstuff to prevent them from spoiling early. Ultimately, mould and musty odour are not very palatable.

Note on application: Multi Dry begins to absorb moisture from the air as soon as the protective film is removed. The moisture is absorbed through the fleece bag into the granules inside. This means that the bag can feel moist to the touch and can also release moisture to the outside when touched directly or even under pressure. Direct contact of the bag with rust-prone and moisture-absorbing materials (e.g. metal, leather, textiles, paper) should therefore be avoided.

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