Picture of SeaDry container desiccant in the Pole H version, which is hung in the lashing eyes in the container.

Discover SeaDry at NUFAM

More safety in the container: simply prevent moisture damage

Load securing is not possible without film, lashing straps and dunnage bags. But what about protection against moisture in container transport? After all, the damage caused by condensation amounts to a good 50 billion euros per year. You can find out how to effectively protect your goods over many weeks from mould, rust and detached labels from 21 through 24 Sep 2023 in Karlsruhe.

"Get things moving" is then the motto of the NUFAM commercial vehicle trade fair. Things are certainly moving forward with ThoMar OHG, which offers highly effective solutions to protect goods of all kinds from the most common moisture damage during transport and storage. For almost 25 years, the ISO-certified family business has been developing, producing and distributing desiccants and dehumidifiers for (almost) every application for this purpose.

We are pleased that our partners Christian Rennie, trainer and consultant for transport and traffic, and L.K.W. Schmid, consultant and trainer for load securing, will also be presenting our SeaDry desiccants, which have been specially developed for transport and storage in containers, at NUFAM. You will find the event area for load securing of "Rennie & Schmid Trainings & Beratungen" at the fair circuit / BG 19.

Handy data logger that displays the current temperature and relative humidity

Risk monitoring during transport and storage - preventing moisture damage

Whether during container transport or the long-term storage of goods packed in cardboard boxes, for example - the temperature fluctuations between day and night can already be enough for the humidity to repeatedly exceed a critical level. Mould, rust and detached labels on goods, packaging or packaging materials are therefore regular damage symptoms. In the case of sensitive foodstuffs, even changes in smell or taste can occur. Click on "Read more" to find out more about the described risk in your logistics projects with the help of our new product offer.

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Trust is good, control is better: When it comes to desiccants, don't settle for anything less than tested quality.

Desiccant bags in certified quality

As an ISO 9001 certified company for the development, production and distribution of desiccant bags and dehumidifiers, ThoMar OHG recently had to undergo a regular monitoring audit. In addition to reviewing management processes and the management system, this time the auditor focused on core processes in our production, including shift handover. We are particularly proud of the fact that our employees are not only professionally competent in their areas of work, but that they are also aware of the large part that each and every individual plays in enabling ThoMar to deliver such consistently high quality. We passed the audit again without any deviations. When and how can we convince you of our performance?

Spectators in front of a concert stage with SeaDry lettering (photo composition)

Event logistics: Securing transports in containers against moisture

Cables, speakers, lighting systems, decorations, costumes - all this and more is part of a big tour. To ensure that the equipment does not suffer moisture damage during transport and (interim) storage in containers, experts recommend the use of a suitable product for dehumidification. Our SeaDry high-performance desiccant, manufactured in Germany, was specially developed for use in freight containers. It effectively prevents condensation caused by excessive humidity, so that mould, rust and musty-smelling textiles don't stand a chance. Various event logistics companies, whether for concerts, road shows, theatres, circuses or trade fairs, already use SeaDry successfully and regularly in international projects. Contact us and get a non-binding consultation for your individual application!

Several IBCs on pallets in one container

Prevent corrosion on drums and IBC racks during transport

Goods worth almost 1.5 trillion euros were exported by companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry from the leading countries in 2021 - including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland*. The goods are transported by water, rail and road, often for weeks at a time and through different climatic zones. One of ThoMar OHG's customers is also active in this area, but complaints arose from the recipient side when corrosion was discovered on drums and IBC racks during a logistics project at the destination.

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