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Relocation logistics: How to keep household goods dry during container transport

Just under 160,000 Germans emigrated to a non-EU country in 2021, according to Statista ("Immigration and emigration in EU countries 2021", 3 January 2024). Destinations included Switzerland and Norway, but also faraway countries such as the USA, Australia, China and Canada. Such a big move overseas needs to be carefully prepared. In our latest article "How to protect relocation goods from moisture damage with desiccants", we provide valuable tips to prevent moisture damage to the cargo. In this way, you protect your entire household goods during the weeks- to months-long transfer in the container through different climate zones. As a result, nothing will soon stand in the way of an unclouded start in your dream country.

Sawn timber in transport racks

Protect solid wood and wood-based materials from moisture damage during transport

Whether long timber, short timber, solid wood, wood-based materials or even a complete wooden house: wood of all kinds is exported and imported in large quantities, some of it in freight containers. At the same time, wood is a particularly sensitive cargo, as it reacts directly to fluctuations in ambient humidity, among other things. Read here how a wood processing company protects sawn timber in transport racks from moisture damage during the weeks-long transfer period.

Architecturally elaborately designed glass roof

Complete load securing for glass transports with desiccants

Glass is a truly universal material with a wide variety of desired properties. In architecture and façade construction, for example, it can be used for sun and sound protection as well as thermal insulation. Read here, how a glass manufacturer with worldwide shipping protects its logistics projects against moisture damage during weeks of transport in containers.

Picture of SeaDry container desiccant in the Pole H version, which is hung in the lashing eyes in the container.

Discover SeaDry at NUFAM

More safety in the container: simply prevent moisture damage

Load securing is not possible without film, lashing straps and dunnage bags. But what about protection against moisture in container transport? After all, the damage caused by condensation amounts to a good 50 billion euros per year. You can find out how to effectively protect your goods over many weeks from mould, rust and detached labels from 21 through 24 Sep 2023 in Karlsruhe.

"Get things moving" is then the motto of the NUFAM commercial vehicle trade fair. Things are certainly moving forward with ThoMar OHG, which offers highly effective solutions to protect goods of all kinds from the most common moisture damage during transport and storage. For almost 25 years, the ISO-certified family business has been developing, producing and distributing desiccants and dehumidifiers for (almost) every application for this purpose.

We are pleased that our partners Christian Rennie, trainer and consultant for transport and traffic, and L.K.W. Schmid, consultant and trainer for load securing, will also be presenting our SeaDry desiccants, which have been specially developed for transport and storage in containers, at NUFAM. You will find the event area for load securing of "Rennie & Schmid Trainings & Beratungen" at the fair circuit / BG 19.

Spectators in front of a concert stage with SeaDry lettering (photo composition)

Event logistics: Securing transports in containers against moisture

Cables, speakers, lighting systems, decorations, costumes - all this and more is part of a big tour. To ensure that the equipment does not suffer moisture damage during transport and (interim) storage in containers, experts recommend the use of a suitable product for dehumidification. Our SeaDry high-performance desiccant, manufactured in Germany, was specially developed for use in freight containers. It effectively prevents condensation caused by excessive humidity, so that mould, rust and musty-smelling textiles don't stand a chance. Various event logistics companies, whether for concerts, road shows, theatres, circuses or trade fairs, already use SeaDry successfully and regularly in international projects. Contact us and get a non-binding consultation for your individual application!


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