SeaDry container desiccant saturation process (from powder to gel)

SeaDry: Optimally balanced ingredients for safe dehumidification

SeaDry offers effective long-term protection against moisture, whether for container transports by ship, goods train and truck or also when using containers as (temporary) storage. To ensure the high absorption capacity and reliable moisture absorption of all SeaDry variants, we use optimally coordinated ingredients. In particular, the salt (calcium chloride) must be of high quality and is used in the form of powder whose grain size corresponds to that of the starch also used. This allows the two substances to mix evenly in the desiccant bags. The salt then attracts the moisture from the air in the container, which is safely bound into gel by the starch and is not liquid at any time. SeaDry is thus superior to other container desiccants, which contain cheaper salt in the form of significantly coarser prills (instead of powder).

Path between two rows of storage containers to the left and right

Causes of moisture damage in storage containers

Three typical types of moisture damage during container transport: clumping and moulding of bagged goods, especially in the food sector, corrosion of metal parts and moisture penetration of cardboard boxes. These lead to the destruction of entire container loads. But what about the storage of goods in containers? Particularly at this time of year, when temperatures are scraping the 20-degree mark during the day but barely make it above freezing point at night, there is a threat of similar damage even in our temperate latitudes. What is the reason for this?

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