airdry FUN window defogger

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  • Absorbs up to 200% of its own weight in moisture
  • Absorbed moisture turns into a gel and is never liquid
  • Effective for several months depending on the ambient climate
  • In 18 colourful, individual motifs
  • Practical and decorative
  • Protects against misted-up windows, mould, rust, mildew stains and bad odours

In the winter months, starting the car ventilation for the first time can cause the persistently high humidity inside the car to condense on the cold windows. Now the airdry FUN windscreen dehumidifier cushion offers the opportunity to ensure a clear view and at the same time give the car an individual touch.

Whichever of the 18 colourful and individual motifs wins the race, the airdry FUN windscreen dehumidifier cushion attracts and stores the excess moisture like a magnet. The resulting drier air in the car can significantly reduce the risk of misted-up windows. It also helps prevent mould stains, rust and musty smells in the vehicle.

The active granulate consists of calcium chloride and starch and is therefore harmless. The moisture bound into a gel in the granulate cannot leak out, which makes users feel safe. When the airdry FUN windscreen dehumidifier pad is saturated, it can simply be disposed of in the household waste.


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