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  • Dehumidifier cushion protects against fogged car windows
  • Strong performance, very high moisture absorption (up to 800g)
  • Reduces the risk of mold, rust and mold stains in the vehicle
  • Drip-proof, the moisture is stored safely

Like a magnet, the airdry car dehumidifier draws the moisture from the air in the interior of your vehicle, which is stored in the natural granules. The dehumidifier is ideal for protecting cars, yachts, boats, caravans and motor homes from moisture.

Problems with moisture occur especially in winter: indoor temperature fluctuations, e.g. through sunlight, lead to condensation. Textiles, metals and especially the electronics are very sensitive to moisture and react with corrosion, mold, mold stains and a musty smell.

The airdry automobile-dehumidifier prevents condensation, as the relative humidity is reduced. This creates effective protection against mold, rust and mold stains as well as against a mild odor. So the vehicle interior comes fresh through the cold season.

Unlike conventional salt drip systems, there is no danger of a salt water solution tipping over, which will destroy the carpet or textiles. airdry is safe to use and does not pose any danger when handling children and pets.

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The bag of the airdry auto-dehumidifier consists of a fleece top that becomes noticeably moist and a film underside that prevents moisture from being transferred downwards. The airdry dehumidifier is very versatile and can also be used in different situations.

airdry automobile dehumidifiers are very powerful and available in the following variations:

  • airdry CLASSIC - the proven classic
  • airdry VANILLA FRESH - with a pleasant vanilla scent
  • airdry ICE FRESH - with a cool fresh scent
  • airdry DUO - turbo effect thanks to the DUO bag system

airdry automobile-dehumidifier SILICA GEL

The bag material of airdry SILICA GEL is a fleece that vapor easily passes through. This is essential to bind it during operation as well as to release it while drying. To regenerate airdry SILICA GEL can be heated in a conventional oven or in a microwave oven (pay attention to the maximum heat and duration mentioned in in the operational manual!)

One unit of airdry SILICA GEL is composed of two individual bags of 750 g each. It is best to place one unit on the left and one unit on the right side close to the windshield. Make sure that the bags cannot get into the driver's foot-space or be tossed around the vehicle during operation!

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