• oil-binding agent
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Fluid absorption capacity: about 0.9 litres of oil and chemicals
  • Natural granules
  • MPA approval
  • Emergency pack
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Advantages of Absorbin-V

  • Absorbin-V is an original binding agent and is used by the police and fire departments. It binds oil, petrol, heating oil, diesel, motor oil, battery acid, coolants and chemicals.
  • Absorbin-V is very simple and eco-friendly to use. It prevents the soil and ground water from getting polluted by immediately absorbing the fluids. And it is completely harmless to humans and animals.
  • Absorbin -V is extremely skid and slip-resistant, dust-free, can be sprinkled and does not stick or smear. It immediately binds all the fluids within the grains. Even fluids that penetrate into concrete floors can be absorbed.
  • Absorbin -V has met the stringent test criteria of the material testing laboratory (MPA) NRW. It is approved as oil binding agent type III R and meets the requirements for chemical binding agents in accordance with the Federal Environment Agency March 2001.
  • Absorbin-V is so versatile that you do not need any other binding agent. It can also be used to absorb odours, as plant granules and anti-skid agent. In the process, it minimises the disposal costs. At the same time, its high absorptive capacity and low material requirement produces less waste.

absorbin-V example of use on a puddle of oil

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