DIN 55473 Desiccant

DIN 55473 Desiccant

In which fields of application do DIN 55473 desiccants get used?

Desiccants according to the industrial standard DIN 55473 are used especially in the export sector, e.g. by specialized export packing companies. The desiccant bags are placed or hung directly into the packaging of the goods to be transported or stored. It should be noted here that the packaged goods and the desiccant must be sealed from the external climate with the aid of a barrier layer cover (inbox desiccant).

DIN 55473 desiccant bags are particularly suitable for protecting sensitive goods from moisture during prolonged storage and transport. When used correctly, they prevent mould growth, corrosion and other moisture damage. They are well suited to protect electronic equipment, machine parts, leather goods, chemical products and pharmaceutical preparations from excessive humidity inside the shipping packaging.

Mode of action of dry clay as desiccant

Desiccant bags, which comply with DIN 55473, contain a drying clay which, due to its composition, is able to adsorb and store water vapour from the air quickly and for a long time. These desiccant bags are based on desiccant units (DU). A desiccant unit is the quantity of desiccant that adsorbs at least 6.0 g of water vapour in equilibrium with air at 23 °C (± 2 °C) and 40 % relative humidity.

Since dry clay is a natural product, the exact composition, the amount contained and the weight of the bags can vary. However, these desiccants, which meet the industrial requirements of DIN 55473 and the technical conditions of the American military standard MIL-D-3464E, have the advantage that they are almost identical in quality and size regardless of the manufacturer.

Which DIN 55473 desiccant variant do you need?

DIN 55473 desiccant bags by ThoMar are available in two different versions - with low-dust and dust-proof bag material. Low-dust and dust-proof materials differ in their density and in the amount of dust that can penetrate through this material.

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  1. DIN 55473 Desiccant Bags

    • Certified to DIN 55473, also meets the requirements of MIL-D-3464E
    • Wrapping material low-dust (Type A) or dust-proof (Type B)
    • desiccant bag contains dry clay as desiccant
    • Protects your goods from corrosion, mould and other moisture damage during transport and storage
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