Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets

What are silica gel packets used for?

Silica Gel examples of use

The small bags filled with silica gel are the ideal companion for sensitive goods, as they can be added directly to the product packaging. Silica packets protect your goods, from electrical appliances to leather goods, textiles and packaged food, from moisture damage during transport and storage. Since silica gel packets absorb moisture from the air inside the packaging, no condensation water can form inside if used correctly. Mould growth, corrosion, softened cardboard packaging as well as changes in smell and taste are thus prevented.

What types of silica gel packets are available?

Desi Dry silica gel packets by ThoMar are available in the following versions:

  • Type A (with low-dust bag material): 0.5g, 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 30g, 60g, 100g, and 250g
  • Typ B (with dust-proof bag material): 0.5g, 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 30g, and 60g
  • Orange (silica gel with optical saturation indicator): 1g, 5g, and 10g

We would gladly accomodate your wishes for an individual, custom-made version of Desi Dry!

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  1. Desi Dry Silica Gel Packets

    • Classic desiccant for small product packagings
    • Bag materials: low-dust (Type A) or dust-proof (Type B)
    • Various bag sizes available
    • Protects against moisture during transport and storage of electrical appliances, leather goods, textiles, etc.
    • With safety packaging (double foil bag and moisture indicator)
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  2. Desi Dry Orange Silica Gel Packets

    • Desiccant Orange Gel for small product packagings
    • With saturation indicator (turns from orange to green as saturation increases)
    • Silica gel packet consists of transparent special fleece for visual control of the degree of saturation
    • Protects against moisture during transport and storage of electrical appliances, leather goods, textiles, etc.
    • Available bag sizes: 1g, 5g, 10g
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How does silica gel work as a desiccant?

The silica gel contained in the packets is spherical and has narrow pores. 98% of the glassy beads consist of silicon dioxide. Due to its large inner surface, this silica gel is well suited to adsorb a large amount of moisture. Silica gel is hygroscopic, which means that it can adsorb water molecules. The water remains chemically unchanged and easily dissolves again when the silica gel is regenerated, i.e. dried. Silica gel packets can absorb about one third of their own weight in moisture.

What is a low-dust / dust-proof bag material?

The bag material of Desi Dry Type A silica gel packets is a composite of paper and non-woven fabric. It is described as low-dust because only a few dust particles are created by abrasion of the beads, which can then pass through the outer material. Low-dust means, according to DIN 55473, that a maximum of 10 mg of dust per desiccant unit may escape from the cladding material. One desiccant unit (TME) is the amount of desiccant that absorbs at least 6.0 g of water vapor in equilibrium with air at 23 °C (± 2 °C) and 40% relative humidity.

The bag material of Desi Dry type B silica gel packets is made of a dust-proof material. According to DIN 55473, a maximum of 1 mg of dust may escape from the wrapping material, regardless of the number of desiccant units. The membrane of these enveloping materials has such a high density that almost nothing can escape from it. Tyvek®, for example, which consists of a continuous fibre, is suitable as such a material. The missing fibre ends in the material cause less abrasion, which is why less dust is produced. In addition, it is considered to be extremely tear-resistant, moisture-resistant and tight. These characteristics ensure that the desiccant bag can absorb moisture for a longer period of time.

Special feature of Desi Dry Orange silica packets

Desi Dry Orange consists to 90 % of white silica gel and to 10 % of orange silica gel. The orange beads turn green when the water content rises above approx. 6 %. As the desiccant saturation increases, the green colour becomes more intense up to complete saturation. A bluish-green shade indicates complete saturation. The special transparent and extremely tear-proof non-woven allows visual monitoring of the desiccant saturation level. Weighing to check saturation level is therefore unnecessary.