Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets

What are silica gel packets used for?

The small bags filled with silica gel are the ideal companion for sensitive goods, as they can be added directly to the product packaging. Silica Gel bags protect your goods, from electrical appliances to leather goods, textiles and packaged food, from moisture damage during transport and storage. Since silica gel bags absorb moisture from the air inside the packaging, no condensation water can form inside if used correctly. Mould growth, corrosion, softened cardboard packaging as well as changes in smell and taste are thus prevented.

How does silica gel work as a desiccant?

The silica gel contained in the packets is spherical and has narrow pores. 98% of the glassy beads consist of silicon dioxide. Due to its large inner surface, this silica gel is well suited to adsorb a large amount of moisture. Silica gel is hygroscopic, which means that it can adsorb water molecules. The water remains chemically unchanged and easily dissolves again when the silica gel is regenerated, i.e. dried. Silica gel packets can absorb about one third of their own weight in moisture.

What types of silica gel packets are available?

Desi Dry silica gel packets by ThoMar are available in the following versions:

  • Type A (with low-dust bag material)
  • Typ B (with dust-proof bag material)
  • Orange (silica gel with optical saturation indicator)

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  1. Desi Dry Silica Gel Packets

    • The classic desiccant for small product packagings
    • Bag material low-dust (Type A) or dust-proof (Type B)
    • Protects e.g. electrical devices, leatherware, and textiles against humidity during transport and storage
    • With safety packaging of double foil bag and moisture indicator
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    From:  As low as €49.50 Excl. Tax 
    €58.91 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 5000
    Price per unit: 0,0099 €
  2. Desi Dry Orange Silica Gel Packets
    • See-through paper bag
    • Check saturation at a glance
    • Filled with a mix of silica gel orange and white
    • Changes colour form orange to blue/green
    • Convenient small packing units
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    From:  As low as €40.00 Excl. Tax 
    €47.60 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 500
    Price per unit: 0,08 €

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