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ThoMar OHG specializes in the production and trading of desiccants and desiccant bags of all kinds. Here you can buy high-quality, high-performance desiccants at low prices. ThoMar has 20 years of experience in this area and primarily supplies industry and wholesalers across Europe. Desiccants effectively prevent condensation on the goods themselves, on packaging and packaging aids, as well as on the walls or ceiling of freight containers or storage rooms during transport and storage. The drying agents used consist mainly of natural ingredients, and ThoMar pays attention to the use of environmentally friendly packaging. ThoMar also offers tailor-made solutions for individual requirements for protection against moisture damage, such as mold and corrosion. ThoMar convinces with speed, flexibility and highest product quality "Made in Germany". Quick decisions and optimal processes in the development, manufacture and organization of desiccants are a matter of course, which is why ThoMar OHG has been ISO 9001 certified since 2012.