What is a desiccant?

What is the "desiccant method“?

What do the terms "relative humidity" and "absolute humidity" mean?

Climate Table

How does the moisture enter the products?

What are the sources of moisture during transport?

What types of desiccant are available?

How much desiccant do I need?

What kind of transport climate does my product need?

Desiccant for container shipment

Which desiccants are suitable for container shipping?

How much desiccant do I need for my container transport project?

What must I consider when buying desiccants for container shipping?

Where should desiccants be placed in the container?

What kind of damages are possible through relative humidity?

What is cargo space meteorolgy and what does it have to do with desiccants?

What is cargo sweat?

What is container sweat?

How long can desiccant be stored?

For how long does the desiccant act in the container?

How do I dispose of my container desiccant?

In-box desiccant for storage and shipment

What kind of desiccants are there?

When do I use each desiccant?

What do "desiccant according to DIN 55473-B" and "MIL D 3464E" mean?

What does the letter behind the DIN code mean, for instance DIN 55473-B?

What does DU or Unit mean and how do the terms differ?

How do I determine the required amount of desiccant?

How do I use the desiccants in packaging for shipping?

Can desiccant pouches be regenerated?

Dehumidifier for private use

What is the difference between a dehumidifier and a desiccant?

What types of humidifiers are available?

Can dehumidifiers be regenerated?

Can I dry dehumidifiers in the microwave?


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