Wind farm in a green landscape

Desiccants protect wind and hydropower plants from moisture

The German Federal Network Agency has put out to tender three more areas in the North Sea and Baltic Sea for new offshore wind farms this year. The planned "Önusberget" in Sweden will be the largest single onshore wind farm in Europe. And Austria, which relies in particular on clean hydropower, wants to cover its electricity consumption entirely from renewable energies by 2030. There is no question that the energy transition is progressing. And yet it can be very slow from the planning stage to the commissioning of a plant. Read here why and how sensitive components of wind and hydropower plants should be protected from excess humidity during transport, (intermediate) storage and operation.

Trial: Container transport on New Silk Road

Good news for container shipping? No such luck: traffic jams in the Suez Canal, ships of major shipping companies no longer calling at Hamburg and Rotterdam, then the port of Yantian being closed due to a Corona outbreak. Reinforced by these events, the share of container transports by rail is growing, especially along the New Silk Road to and from China. Click here to learn the results of our latest field trial, which we conducted together with a client (organic food supplier).

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Welcome to our team!

The best way to avoid a shortage of skilled workers is for companies to train their own junior staff. We are pleased to be able to give two young people a good start in their careers for the first time this year. Our two newest team members have been training as industrial management assistant and machine operator, respectively, since 1 August. Before, they already experienced the daily work routine in the office and production area of ThoMar as temporary workers. Great that you are here!


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