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Tested quality by ThoMar

The satisfaction of our customers is the central quality benchmark and the basis for the long-term stability and growth of our company. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, whether this relates to high product quality or good service. As part of the annual monitoring audit required for ISO 9001 certification, the implementation and documentation of our customer satisfaction survey was recently reviewed and positively assessed. The level of customer satisfaction has been high for years and the complaint rate is low. Thus, ThoMar OHG is able to convince both large and small customers time and again, and maintains long-term partnerships with numerous companies from a wide range of industries. For which request can we convince you of our efficiency?

Several bags of the DIN desiccant CertiDry in front of wooden export boxes

Recertified in-box desiccants

When you use our CertiDry product to protect your goods from moisture inside packaging, you can be sure that the desiccant bags always comply exactly with the specifications of DIN 55473. The certification of the desiccant was recently checked and confirmed again by an official body, as regularly prescribed. Among other things, the properties regarding adsorption capacity, volume and mass, dust permeability, strength of the bag as well as labelling met all requirements and the certificate is maintained.

Test result on moisture absorption of desiccant blankets: SeaDry Blanket with the highest value

SeaDry Blanket beats competing products in extreme test

SeaDry from ThoMar is one of the most efficient container desiccants currently available on the market. This is confirmed not only by feedback from users who often transport or store goods worth tens of thousands of euros in a single container - reliably protected from moisture by our products. To ensure that our customers can always rely on the high-performance effect of SeaDry, the product variants are regularly put through their paces. Click on "Read more" and find out how our SeaDry Blanket performed in comparison with two other desiccant blankets.

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Column of Bundeswehr vehicles

Public entities use SeaDry container desiccants

For the supply of government and defence agencies, the assignment of a so-called NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Government Entity) code is required. ThoMar OHG has successfully completed the registration process and is officially listed as a manufacturer and supplier in the CAGE Search and Inquiry database as a "Non-US Manufacturer". Supply articles have been created for the SeaDry variants Hook, Pole-V, Pole-H, Single and Single-ADH under our manufacturer code. We already supply various Bundeswehr locations and supply battalions with our SeaDry container desiccants. What can we do for you?

Rotary control as a symbol of how to increase the quality level

ISO 9001: Recertification audit successfully completed

The lead auditor from DEKRA had scheduled a tight program for the ISO 9001 recertification audit: At ThoMar OHG, the leadership processes of the management and the management system, development processes, core processes in production and purchasing as well as support processes in the areas of testing and maintenance were recently put through their paces. We are proud to have once again passed this audit with no deviations. In this way, we not only continue to promise you certified quality, but also keep our promise.


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