Container desiccants for every application

  • For sea cargo and container freight
  • High performance desiccant for transport and storage
  • Constituents: Calcium chloride and starch (does not contain DMF)
  • Fast, easy handling
  • Fixation with hooks or adhesive strips
  • Certified quality Made in Germany
  • Delivery directly from German warehouse
  • Priority shipping optional

Reliable desiccants for containers against moisture damage

During container transport, whether by sea or by goods train, massive temperature fluctuations occur. This can lead to considerable moisture formation inside the freight containers. Even when goods are stored in the container, condensation can occur due to the difference between day and night temperatures. Container desiccants are a reliable remedy against this. Specially produced hygroscopic (i.e. water-attracting) materials in secure packaging which is water-vapour-permeable are applied directly to the container cladding or to the cargo. Suspending the container desiccants on the available eyelets is fast and easy, or they can be glued onto the outer packaging of the goods.

Moisture in the container? No way!

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What is the most effective desiccant for shipping containers?

Comparison chart container desiccants
  • certified to DIN 55473; also meets the industrial requirements of MIL-D-3464E
  • contains unfired clay
  • dry clay absorbs humidity from ambient air
  • absorbs 25-30% of its own weight in moisture (approx. 280ml of water vapour per kg)
  • is used in order to dehumidify large rooms, e.g. storerooms
  • consists of fired clay granulate and salt
  • salt attracts humidity from ambient air, clay granulate absorbs it
  • absorbs 60% of its own weight in moisture (approx. 600ml of water vapour per kg)
  • modern high-performance desiccant for container transportation
  • dehumidifier on salt-starch basis
  • salt attracts air humidity and becomes liquid, moisture is then bound by starch (gel bond)
  • absorbs over 200% of its own weight in water vapour (approx. 2015ml per kg)

Which container desiccant bag for which application?

The result of a precise needs analysis is decisive for selecting the desiccant suitable for container use. The more precisely the relevant general conditions of the application can be recorded, the more exactly the appropriate type, quantity needed and optimal placement of the desiccant can be determined in the container.

SeaDry Hook 600g / 1200g

Correspondingly produced desiccants can be attached to the eyelets available in the container with the assistance of integrated hooks to ensure they are optimally placed for absorption of the internal humidity arising. Furthermore, the adhesive strips prepared on the sheathing material permit attachment to other points if required.

For suspension …
… in the container corrugations
SeaDry Pole H 1200g

The desiccants are hooked into the eyelets directly beneath the container ceiling and act exactly where the risk of condensation is highest. In addition, placement of desiccant on the container ceiling permits trouble-free loading and unloading of the container.

For mounting …
… above the cargo
SeaDry Single 125g

Due to its small size, the desiccant can be distributed in almost any gap in the tightly packed container and can be optimally distributed. Using its adhesive strips, it can be attached to the packaged goods, stowage material or also to the container wall.

For individual gluing …
… to the goods
SeaDry Strip 750g ADH

The container desiccant consists of a multi-layer film and a HDPE fleece (high-density polyethylene). It is especially suitable for cramped space or the absence of suspension devices (tie-down eyelets), e.g. in refrigerated containers. Thanks to the adhesive strip on the back, it can be flexibly attached to the goods or to the container wall.

Desiccant chain …
… can be glued as needed
SeaDry Blanket 1500g

The desiccant blanket is the appropriate solution for absorbing especially large quantities of moisture. Its absorption capacity is more than three litres of water. In the case of tightly packed containers, the blanket is simply laid on the packed goods during container loading.

Desiccant blanket …
… to be placed directly on the goods

Service by your container desiccant supplier

As a shipping container desiccant manufacturer, we offer our customers a genuinely full service against cargo damage resulting from moisture in the container: precise needs analysis, individual consulting, product selection according to requirements and personal coaching.

Step 1

Analysis: Determine shipping container desiccant needs

The individual requirements for container transport desiccants depends on the goods transported, the climate zones on the route, container size, weight and moisture content of the goods, packaging aids used, duration of storage and transportation and other parameters. The multitude of factors important for precisely determining the need for container desiccant requires precise analysis of the particular conditions by our experts.

Step 2

Consulting: Desiccant for containers as tailor-made service

If you need general advice on shipping container desiccants or expert support in analysing the individual requirements for your application and in selecting the corresponding desiccants, our expert team is available to you from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm by telephone on +49 (0)4153 55900-0.

Step 3

Training: Proper attachment container desiccant bags

After the individual requirements have been determined and the corresponding selection of shipping container desiccant have been made, it should still be ensured that it is also attached correctly and at the best locations. Therefore, our experts instruct the employees of our customers very precisely in personal training sessions on handling desiccants for the best possible results.

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Made in Germany: Certified quality from the Duchy of Lauenburg (near Hamburg)

ThoMar: Quality from the Duchy of Lauenburg (near Hamburg)
Management ThoMar OHG (from left): Thomas Möller, Daniel Schuback, Martin Möller

ThoMar OHG has more than 20 years of experience in producing and trading desiccants. We produce our shipping container desiccant exclusively at our German location in the Duchy of Lauenburg at the gates of Hamburg. We take care to observe the highest standards with regard to the contents and sheathing materials, product quality and protection of our employees. We supply industry and the wholesale trade directly ex works. ThoMar OHG has been ISO 9001-certified since 2012 for the development, manufacture and distribution of desiccant bags and air dehumidifiers. Smaller quantities of desiccants can also be ordered in our B2B online shop.

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