Humidity Indicator Card 30-50 %

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  • Indicates humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent
  • Can be put directly into the product packaging

  • Means to control relative humidity within barrier layers>/li>
  • Means to control condition of sensitive packing goods
  • Indicator paper changes colour from blue via violet to pink when critical humidity is exceeded
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Indicator Card 30-50 %
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You can use these indicator cards to check the relative humidity within a sealed-off barrier layer. The impregnated indicator paper shows humidity levels from 30 via 40 to 50 %.

The indicator card be put directly into the product packaging. In this case the barrier layer needs to be opened in order to check the humidity level.

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Item number 635.000
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Meta Description ✔ Indicates relative humidity from 30 to 50 % ✔ Check humidity inside packaging ✔ Changes colour from blue to pink ✔ Made from impregnated special paper
Dimensions in mm 37 x 74 x 0,2
Amount per box 100
Individual wrapping in protective sheet 100
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