SeaDry Pole H

  • Mounting by sturdy hook right below container ceiling
  • Desiccant contained in protective casing
  • Moisture absorption more than 2.4 litres
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SeaDry Pole H
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Characteristics of SeaDry Pole H container desiccant

SeaDry Pole H belongs to the large family of SeaDry container desiccants and is the ideal solution for your bulk freight or storage.

SeaDry Pole H container desiccant consists of a miltilayer film and a Tyvek® non-woven. It is perfect for consignments with sensitive products that must not come into contact with the container desiccant. Additional cardboard packaging prevents any direct contact. SeaDry Poles are hooked directly into the eyelets below the container ceiling and act precisely where the risk of condensation is highest. Moreover, their attachment to the container ceiling ensures hassle-free loading and unloading of the container. Each SeaDry Pole H absorbs 2.4 litres of water.

Available Variants

SeaDry Single - Small pack for optimal distribution

SeaDry Single ADH - With adhesive tape

SeaDry Strip - Built for any application

SeaDry Hook - For suspension from the lashing lugs

SeaDry Pole V - With trapezoidal protective casing

SeaDry Blanket - With high moisture levels in the container

Are you uncertain how many desiccant pouches you will need? Simply consult our dimensioning based on the desiccant-calculator. To calculate the ideal desiccant volume, it uses a variety of factors like transport duration, climactic conditions, air volume in the container, applied packaging and type of cargo.

More Information
Item number 626.200
Weight 1200 g
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Dimensions in mm 780 x 165 x 45
Amount per box 10
Individual wrapping in protective sheet 1
Price per unit 14,00 €
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