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  • Silica gel orange with moisture indicator
  • Bag sizes and packing units as required for all industries
  • Foodgrade silica packets available in stock
  • FDA compliant desiccants on request
  • Production of silica gel packets for commercial customers
  • Certified quality according to ISO 9001
  • Delivery directly from German warehouse
  • Priority shipping optional

Buy silica gel from a German wholesaler

Silica gel is used to protect against moisture damage, as it can lower relative humidity. It takes the form of transparent beads comprised of silicon dioxide. The many small pores in the beads give silica gel a large internal surface area. This makes it suitable as a desiccant, as it adsorbs moisture in the form of water vapour from the ambient air. Buy silica gel from ThoMar OHG to obtain desiccants of perfect quality.

Where can I buy silica gel? We offer certified quality and fast delivery!

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Silica gel and silica gel packets – examples of use

Silica Gel examples of use
A selection of bulk silica gel and silica packets

Buy silica for more dryness and security

Silica gel offers protection against moisture damage by lowering the relative humidity in a closed room (in-box desiccant) and thus the risk of condensation. Available loose / bulk and in packets, silica gel from ThoMar OHG is harmless and does not contain DMF. It is registered and approved according to REACH.

Office, production and storage buildings of ThoMar OHG

Get your silica gel delivered from warehouse in Germany

Do you have problems with moisture during shipping or storage of goods? Order the required silica gel desiccant from ThoMar OHG and have it delivered directly from our German warehouse. You can buy as much silica gel as you need in our B2B online shop. Because goods sometimes have to be shipped quickly, we are also happy to offer you the option of express delivery.

Tubular bag machine which is used to manufacture individual silica bags

Buy silica gel packets directly from the manufacturer

During transport and storage, silica gel packets protect your goods from moisture damage such as corrosion, mould infestation or changes in odour. ThoMar OHG always has a wide range of silica gel packets in stock. In addition, it implements individual product developments and custom-made products at its German factory after extensive consultation.

Silica gel packets – where to buy in order to keep your goods dry

We have the right desiccant for your individual needs. There are a wide range of sizes and wrapping materials to choose from for your silica gel packets. Of course we also offer silica packets which are suitable for direct contact with food. Consistently high-quality loose silica gel is available as well. Buy your silica gel product directly in our B2B Shop or send us a message containing your request for a quote.

Silica gel bags – low-dust or dust-proof

Silica gel bags are considered THE classic desiccants. The small packaging units make silica gel the ideal companion for sensitive goods, as they can be added directly to product packaging. We offer silica gel packets in various designs with different types of wrapping material – low-dust or dust-proof. Low-dust and dust-proof enveloping bags differ in the density of their materials and the amount of dust that can penetrate through them.

Silica gel packets with low-dust or dust-proof enveloping material
Silica gel packets with low-dust or dust-proof wrapping material can also be manufactured to customer specifications.

Silica gel as bulk material

When processing, storing and transporting products, loose silica gel can be used in a variety of ways to protect against moisture and wetness damage such as corrosion and mould. It is mainly used in industrial drying plants, in laboratories, in compressed air drying and in pressure compensation tanks. It is ideal for drying air and gases. Loose silica gel is filled in airtight packaging, in cans or bottles or as a packet or sack.

Bulk silica gel in a bowl and packed in different packaging units
Loose silica gel as bulk material is suitable for a variety of applications.

Silica gel orange – loose or in small packets

In addition to the properties of the classic whitish-colourless silica gel, loose silica gel orange has a special feature. It has a practical indicator that changes colour from orange to green at a saturation of approx. 6%. The more water it absorbs, the more intense the green colour becomes. When silica gel becomes a green-blue colour, the maximum saturation of the desiccant has been reached. The indicator is an uncomplicated and useful aid.

Silica gel orange in unsaturated condition (orange) and saturated (green colour)
Silica gel orange is available loose in various package sizes or filled into fleece bags.

Buy silica gel – information for business customers

As a dealer and supplier of silica gel and manufacturer of silica gel packets for individual needs, we offer customers from industry and wholesale a complete desiccant service. You benefit from our many years of experience and receive a precise needs analysis, personal advice, and needs-based product selection.

Sizing: How much silica gel do I need to buy?

The question cannot be answered with a rule of thumb. Silica gel can absorb moisture. Depending on the type and quality of the product, the absorption capacity is between 25 and 39%. Very large-pored silica gel can in some cases absorb over 60% moisture. The exact quantity depends on the temperature and relative humidity within the protective airtight wrapping (airtight wrapping in which the goods are packaged). The goods in need of protection must also be taken into account when performing the calculation.

Regeneration: How often do I need to buy silica gel?

Silica gel, also in its bagged version, releases absorbed water vapour again at very low humidity, which can be used for regeneration. However, industrial desiccants are normally not intended for regeneration. The cost of the energy required usually exceeds the cost of replacement. Loose silica gel is an exception in this respect. It is mainly used in laboratories and can be regenerated at approx. 130°C.

Buy silica gel packets with professional advice as extra service

If you need general advice on the use of silica gel packets as in-box desiccants or expert support with analysing your individual requirements for your application and selecting the appropriate silica gel packets, our team of experts is at your disposal from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by calling +49 (0) 4153 55900-0.

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Certified quality from the Duchy of Lauenburg

Management of the ThoMar in front of the company building
Management ThoMar OHG (v.l.): Thomas Möller, Daniel Schuback, Martin Möller

ThoMar OHG has more than 20 years of experience in producing and trading desiccants. We develop, produce, and sell our desiccant range exclusively from our German location in the Duchy of Lauenburg at the gates of Hamburg. We take care to observe the highest standards with regard to the contents and sheathing materials, product quality and protection of our employees. We supply industry and the wholesale trade directly ex works. ThoMar OHG has been ISO 9001-certified since 2012 for the development, manufacture and distribution of desiccant bags and air dehumidifiers. Smaller quantities of desiccants can also be ordered in our B2B online shop.

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