Master Dry desiccant bags

Master Dry desiccant bags

Characteristics of Master Dry desiccant bags

The yellow Master Dry desiccant pouches are ideally suited to bulk product consignments and storage settings. They provide effective protection against moisture damage like corrosion, mould, sodden cardboard packaging or detached labels. They are mainly used on long transports by sea or land.

The composition of Master Dry desiccant makes it ideally suited for the storage of larger items such as machines, metals, furniture and other commodities that are at risk of moisture damage. In these settings, Master Dry desiccant is a proven product to prevent condensation in storage areas. Moreover, the composition of the desiccant pouch regulates the climate and can emit absorbed moisture if the ambient air becomes excessively dry.

Mode of action of Master Dry desiccant bags

Master Dry desiccant consists of naturally calcined clay and the salt calcium chloride. Here, the calcium chloride absorbs the moisture and passes it on to the clay. The clay therefore acts as a storage medium for the moisture. It retains its granular structure, even in a saturated state. Master Dry desiccant pouches can absorb up to 60 % of their weight.

An analysis by the independent institute BFSV in Hamburg confirmed the effectiveness and performance of Master Dry compared to a standard DIN desiccant for bulk consignments of goods. The following diagram shows the water absorption curve for both desiccants over a defined period and under identical climactic conditions. It plainly demonstrates the Master Dry possesses a greater water absorption capacity than standard desiccants like silica gel or bentonite.

Application of Master Dry desiccant bags

Master Dry catches the eye with its easy handling. The required number of desiccant pouches is distributed as evenly as possible in the vulnerable area. Rest assured that with every Master Dry product you can depend on its high quality - made in Germany.

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  1. Master Dry desiccant bags

    • Water absorption up to 60 % of its own weight, very high moisture absorption
    • For large-volume shipments of goods or storage
    • Highly effective protection from moisture damage
    • Made from calcined clay and calcium chloride
    • High quality, Made in Germany
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