SeaDry Strip 750g ADH

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  • Desiccant chain with adhesive strip on the rear side, enables fixation even when lashing lugs are missing (e.g. in reefers)
  • Flexible positioning on the container walls or the cargo itself
  • Moisture absorption more than 1.5 litres
  • From 4 cartons  10 % discount
  • From 8 cartons  20 % discount
Amount per carton
Price per unit
8.00 €
€144.00 Excl. Tax 
€167.04 Incl. Tax 
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SeaDry Single - Small pack for optimal distribution

SeaDry Blanket - To be placed directly on the cargo

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More Information
Item number 626.006
Meta Description ✔ Container desiccant ✔ Water absorption> 1.5 liters ✔ Placement with adhesive strips ✔ Made of calcium chloride & starch ✔ Quality made in Germany
Dimensions in mm 1150 x 165 x 25
Individually wrapped 18