Desi Dry Orange Silica Gel Packets

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  • See-through paper bag
  • Check saturation at a glance
  • Filled with a mix of silica gel orange and white
  • Changes colour form orange to blue/green
  • Convenient small packing units
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Desi Dry Orange Silica Gel pouches
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Characteristics of Desi Dry Orange silica packets

Like standard Desi Dry, Desi Dry provides reliable protection against corrosion, mould and any other kind of moisture damage that may occur during prolonged transport and storage. Desi Dry Orange is used on land and in the air. The small pouch sizes make Desi Dry Orange ideal to keep small packaging units dry.

Special feature of Desi Dry Orange silica packets

Desi Dry Orange consists to 90 % of white silica gel and to 10 % of orange silica gel. The orange beads turn green when the water content rises above approx. 6 %. As the desiccant saturation increases, the green colour becomes more intense up to complete saturation. A bluish-green shade indicates complete saturation. The special transparent and extremely tear-proof non-woven allows visual monitoring of the desiccant saturation level. Weighing to check saturation level is therefore unnecessary.

Pouch sizes

Desi Dry Orange is available in three different pouch sizes: 1 g, 5 g and 10 g.

Available Variants

Desi Dry silica gel packets Type A (low-dust)

Desi Dry silica gel packets Type B (dust-proof)

Do you not know how much Desi Dry Orange you need? Just use our desiccant calculator.

More Information
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Meta Description ✔ Silica packets with saturation indicator from German wholesaler ✔ Shipped safely packed with humidity indicator✔ Certified quality
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