SeaDry Hook

  • Moisture absorption > 1.2 / 2.4 litres
  • With stable hook for hanging, underside with barrier foil and adhesive pads
  • Fits neatly into corrugated container wall grooves

  • Prevents moisture damages in containers
  • Safety: The absorbed moisture is bound as gel
  • Made of calcium chloride and starch
  • High quality, Made in Germany
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SeaDry Hook
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SeaDry Hook belongs to the large family of SeaDry desiccants and is the ideal solution for your bulk freight or storage.
SeaDry desiccants are high-performance drying agents that are designed specifically for your maritime container transports. SeaDry is highly absorbent to ensure optimum protection against moisture damage like corrosion, mould, sodden cardboard packaging or detached labels. A dry environment is imperative for sensitive goods in particular, ensuring their safe protection from any moisture damage. SeaDry is the perfect desiccant for coffee, cocoa, milk powder, metal coils, furniture and all goods in retail packaging.

How does SeaDry desiccant work?

SeaDry desiccant consists of a special blend of calcium chloride and starch, ensuring an outstanding water absorption capacity of more than 200 %. Moisture is extracted from the ambient air, reducing container humidity to below a critical level. The risk of moisture damage is significantly reduced. The starch immediately forms a gel to bind the absorbed moisture and prevent its leakage from the pouch.

How is SeaDry used?

The SeaDry products catch the eye with their easy handling. The wide range of applications for SeaDry desiccants ensures the ideal solution for your specific needs. The products are spread evenly in the container to give your goods perfect protection against moisture.

SeaDry Hook

SeaDry Hook – For suspension from the lashing lugs

SeaDry Hook consists of a miltilayer film and a Tyvek® non-woven. The SeaDry Hook can be easily suspended in front of the container cargo using the eyelets below the container ceiling. Adhesive dots on the back of the desiccant are used to attach the SeaDry Hook to the container beads. This enables hassle-free container loading.SeaDry hook desiccant front view

Variants of SeaDry desiccant

All SeaDry products consist of a multilayer film and a Tyvek® non-woven. The SeaDry container desiccants are available in a range of variants. This means we can deliver the ideal solution to keep your container cargo dry, whatever your needs may be.

SeaDry Single – Small pack for optimum distributionSeaDry Single container desiccant front view
SeaDry Single fits into virtually any gap thanks to its compact size. This ensures optimum and even distribution close to your products. What's more, SeaDry Single with adhesive strip can be attached to the wall of the container, the packaged goods or the dunnage.

SeaDry Strip – Built for any applicationSeaDry Strip container desiccant
SeaDry Strip is ideal for cramped spaces or if there are not lashing lugs (eyelets), e.g. in refrigerated containers. The adhesive strip on the back of the desiccant enables particularly flexible attachment to the cargo or on the container wall.

SeaDry Pole – Sensitive products included?SeaDry Pole container desiccant front view
SeaDry Poles are perfect for consignments with sensitive products that must not come into contact with the container desiccant. Additional cardboard packaging prevents any direct contact. SeaDry Poles are hooked directly into the eyelets below the container ceiling and act precisely where the risk of condensation is highest. Moreover, their attachment to the container ceiling ensures hassle-free loading and unloading of the container.

SeaDry Blanket – High moisture levels in the container?SeaDry Blanket container desiccant
SeaDry Blanket is the best solution for absorbing excessive moisture. Its absorption capacity is more than 3.0 litres. The blanket is simply draped over the products during the loading procedure and is ideal for tightly packed containers.

Are you uncertain how many desiccant pouches you will need? Simply consult our dimensioning based on the desiccant calculator. To calculate the ideal desiccant volume, it uses a variety of factors like transport duration, climactic conditions, air volume in the container, applied packaging and type of cargo.

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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Dimensions in mm 1.000 x 165 x 25
Amount per box 20
Individual wrapping in protective sheet 20
Price per unit 6,00 €
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