Container Desiccants

Container Desiccants

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  1. SeaDry Pole V

    • Desiccant chain in protective casing for sensitive cargo
    • Stable hook for hanging from the lashing lugs
    • Trapezoidal shape allows vertical placement in container corrugations
    • Adhesive pad on the backside for additional fixation
    • Moisture absorption more than 2.4 litres
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    Items per carton: 11
    Price per unit: 12.50 €
  2. SeaDry Hook

    • Desiccant chain with stable hook for space-saving suspension in the container corrugations
    • Additional fixing to the container wall with adhesive pads on the back
    • Two sizes available (moisture absorption more than 1.2 / 2.4 litres)
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    €115.00 Excl. Tax 
    €133.40 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 10
    Price per unit: 11.50 €
  3. SeaDry Pole H

    • Sturdy hook enables horizontal placement right below the container ceiling where the risk of condensation is highest
    • Trouble-free loading and unloading by mounting above the cargo
    • Desiccant chain contained in protective casing for sensitive goods
    • Moisture absorption more than 2.4 litres
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    €129.92 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 10
    Price per unit: 14.00 €
  4. SeaDry Blanket 1500g

    • Desiccant blanket can be put directly onto packaged goods
    • Adhesive pads on the bottom side prevent sliding
    • For usage within tightly packed containers
    • Moisture absorption more than 3.0 litres
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    €125.28 Incl. Tax 
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    €100.22 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 8
    Price per unit: 13.50 €
  5. SeaDry Single

    • Optimal distribution due to compact size; fits practically anywhere
    • Adhesive tape optional
    • Moisture absorption more than 0.25 litres
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    €150.00 Excl. Tax 
    €174.00 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 100
    Price per unit: 1.50 €
  6. SeaDry Strip 750g ADH

    • Desiccant chain with adhesive strip on the rear side, enables fixation even when lashing lugs are missing (e.g. in reefers)
    • Flexible positioning on the container walls or the cargo itself
    • Moisture absorption more than 1.5 litres
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    €133.63 Incl. Tax 
    Items per carton: 18
    Price per unit: 8.00 €

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How to use container desiccants

SeaDry Container desiccants by ThoMar were originally designed as high-performance desiccants especially for the moisture protection of sea freight transported in containers. A dry environment is particularly important for sensitive goods in order to reliably protect them from possible moisture damage. SeaDry is the suitable container desiccant for e.g. engine parts, steel coils, furniture and all goods in sales packaging, including packaged food.

In addition to the transport of sea freight, SeaDry is also ideally suited for use in warehousing or in prefabricated construction. SeaDry is used wherever excessive humidity in large, enclosed spaces must be combated. The products are distributed evenly in containers, enclosed storage space or modular construction space to ensure optimum protection against moisture. You can rely on the highest quality - Made in Germany - for all SeaDry products.

How do container desiccants work?

All SeaDry products consist of a special mixture of calcium chloride and starch with a very high water absorption capacity of over 200 %. The moisture is drawn from the ambient air in the container, so that the air humidity drops to an uncritical level. The risk of transport damage or damage during prolonged storage due to moisture, e.g. corrosion, mold, softened cartons and detached labels, is significantly minimized. The absorbed air humidity is immediately bound as a gel by the starch contained, thus preventing water from escaping from the bags.

What types of SeaDry container desiccants are available?

For all SeaDry variants, the front or top side consists of a Tyvek® fleece, through which the humidity can enter into the desiccant, but cannot escape again. The back or underside consists of a moisture-impermeable multi-layer film. SeaDry is available in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific application.